Our club is mainly divided into 2 teams: the Engineering Team and the Marketing/Website Team. Each one has different jobs responsibilities and they work together to help setup for our upcoming ARISS contact. Our students can choose which team they want to be apart of, and they can switch at anytime. Our club is run by students, with our advisors to give us support. 

Engineering Team

Our Engineering Team, also known as the Integration Team, works on setting up equipment and work along side our technical advisors from the Warminster Amatuer Radio Club (K3DN).  The engineering team will be functioning as the "stage crew" for our ISS contact and will be be monitoring the radios, antennas, and the computer. Students will have an opportunity to obtain their HAM Technician Class radio licensees after taking a weekend-long course and passing the HAM radio license test.  As a reward for passing their tests students will receive a handheld radio (walkie talkie) which they can use along with their new radio license! 

Students get to learn the technical aspects of HAM radio like working with antennas, the components of a radio, radio frequencies, soldering, working with software, and many more electrical engineering basics and knowledge. During the contacts the Engineering Team will be running all of the equipment with our technical advisors as support. 

Marketing/Website Team

Our Marketing/Website team is in charge of contacting news stations and spreading information about the club. They will be the so called "advertisers" for our ARISS contact as well as talking directly to the news on camera during the event, while others will be asking questions directly to the astronauts aboard the ISS during the contact. 

The Marketing students will be working on writing press releases/news articles, making posters, making videos, designing shirts, and the ARRL QST article! They help spread word and are the "representatives" of our club.

The Website Team will be working with the website which includes designing, writing, and updating information.  They are the ones making sure the website is up and running as that is how the outside world will get to know more about our club!